Little Dreams Foundation Circa 2005

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Little Dreams Foundation
Place du Marché 1
CH - 1260 Nyon
Tél : +41.22.994.40.14
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The Little Dreams Foundation was founded in Switzerland in February 2000 by Phil & Orianne Collins. It was officially launched on 24th September 2001 in Geneva.
The non-profit Little Dreams Foundation is recognized as being beneficial to the general public.

The Foundation aims to make dreams come true for children between the ages of 4 and 16 who have a special gift or talent in athletics or the arts. Every year, the Little Dreams Foundation selects 10 children from throughout the world. These young talents become Foundation members for one year. Throughout the year, each child is evaluated based on his/her progress, motivation, and development in order to determine whether his/her contract with the Foundation will be renewed. The Foundations advisers are helping us to create a personalized program for each child based on his/her age, residence, academic background, and, most of all, his/her dream. 
Advisers monitor, accompany, and assess the children on a monthly basis throughout the year. The godfathers and godmothers of the Little Dreams Foundation select the children and evaluate them at the end of their contract. The selections start every year in September.


An aside 2020:
I had never heard of the Little Dreams Foundation until I met my next door neighbors. We had hired a major national movers to pack up our household in Baltimore and transport it to NYC. They helped pack and organize this long distance move so there were no glitches along the way. The day after we had mover into our Brooklyn neighborhood, a neighbor dropped by with fresh lemonade and cookies. I was astounded. As our kids played in the back yard together, our far ranging conversation eventually came around to the Little Dreams Foundation. One of her daughters was a gifted swimmer and she had applied. They were awaiting an answer. The neighbor knew it was a long shot, but her daughter's coaches had encouraged them to apply. Although her daughter was not selected, we have been supporters of the foundation ever since.

Four years later in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, we no longer get together with our neighbors. Our kids Facetime their friends and are attending school online. We all wear masks when we go out and our visiting is done standing six feet apart, the prescribed social distance. In the initial days of the pandemic, as NYC shut down last March, we faced a technological challenge. Our database, which had been running on Visual FoxPro, was outdated and couldn't handle the e-commerce surge. We realized that our business wouldn't make it unless we found a suitable replacement for Visual FoxPro, especially since our site needed to appear on the first page for at least local searches. We have some foot traffic into our high end furniture store now that NYC has reopened, but we cut the staff to bare minimum. Early in September, we started a social media ad campaign that seems to be paying off. Our Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales were great, but we need to reach out and gain new customers constantly. I am gratified that we found a reliable tech partner whose input and suggestions on migrating away from Visual FoxPro have made a huge difference. I'm glad we are not in the restaurant business. The pandemic has hit them particularly hard. Everyone is adjusting to this pandemic in one way or another.

As far as  the Little Dreams Foundation's response to the COVID-19 crisis,  their critical programs and fundraising efforts have gone fully virtual, ensuring beneficiaries continue to receive high-quality training despite limitations brought on by social distancing guidelines. What a year to be celebrating its 20th Anniversary. In April, LDF provided relief to families around the world suffering from the devastating affects brought on by the global pandemic. SO far this year the foundation has delivered more than 100 fresh meals for Jackson Health workers and raised funds for LDF families in Zimbabwe and Morocco in need of essential resources such as meals and medical aid.

Little Dreams Foundation currently is calling on supporters to make a minimum contribution of $20 in honor of the 20th Anniversary at Please consider a donation. This year’s fundraising efforts will culminate with the foundation’s virtual event in December, honoring LDF co-founder Phil Collins and the achievements of Little Dreamers and featuring performances by award-winning artists.




The aim of the Little Dreams Foundation is to realise the dreams of children in the fields of sport and art. 

The Foundation currently has 10 worlds of dreams:

  1. The world of track & field
  2. The world of mountain
  3. The world of nautica
  4. The world of music & dance
  5. The world of comedy & cinema
  6. The world of wheel
  7. The world of arts
  8. The world of ball
  9. The world of circus
  10. The world of extreme

Each world is subdivided into different categories, which are sponsored by professionals in the field.
We are privileged to count amongst the sponsors of the Foundation the following personalities:

Mrs Magali Di Marco Messmer for Triathlon
Mr Jean Galfione for Athletics
Mrs Erika Hess for Ski
Mr Richard Lehner for Mountain Climbing
Mr Jean Troillet for Alpinisme
Mr Cyril Neri for Snowboard
Mr Dano Halsall for Swimming
Mr Marc Thiercelin for Sailing
Mr Laurent Bourgnon for Sailing
Mr Phil Collins for Pop & Rock
Mrs Angélique Kidjo for Pop & Rock
Mr Claude Nobs for Pop & Rock
Mrs Frida Reuss for Pop & Rock
Mr Pierre Amoyal for the Violin
Mr Roland Petit for Dance
Mr Redha for Dance & Choreography
Mr Christophe Lambert for Cinema
Mrs Muriel Robin for Comedy
Mr Michel Boujenah for Comedy and Cinema
Mr Jean Luc Bideau for Theatre
Mrs Marcella Bideau for Theatre

Mr Paul Stewart for Formula 1
Mr Olivier Panis for Formula 1
Mr Pascal Richard for Cycling
Mr Aloys for Drawing
Mrs Alexandra Nechita for Painting
M. Jérôme Rudin pour la Painting
Mr Clive Collins for Cartoonist
Mr Patrick Poivre-D'Arvor for Literature
Mr Alfred Berchtold for Literature
Mr Philippe Rochat for Culinary Arts 
Mr David Douillet for Martial Arts 
Melle Amélie Mauresmo for Tennis
Mr Arnaud Boetsch for Tennis
Mr Yannick Noah for Tennis
Mr Guy Forget for Tennis
Mr Jean-Pierre Papin for Football
Mr Bernard Lama for Football
Mr Franco Knie for Circus
Mr Bryan Jones for Balloon
Mr Mike Horn for Latitude zero
Ms Malin Baryard for equitation
Mr Markus Fuchs for equitation
Mr Steve Guerdat for equitation

The task of the Foundation's sponsors is to select future prodigies. Following an initial selection, the board of the Foundation decides whether to provide financial support for young talent. 
The Foundation pays for the studies, education and training of young talents within the capacity of its financial resources and to a level that the board of the Foundation decides to make available. It also participates (if it so decides) in the acquisition of the various equipment that these young talents need to develop their careers and realise their dreams under the best conditions. 
Every year, the sponsors concerned and the board of the Foundation assess the motivation and progress of the children in order to decide whether or not to extend the collaboration.
The Foundation is comprised of three categories of children:
The Children:

1. From 4 to 8 years
2. From 8 to 14 years
3. From 14 to 16 years

The Foundation may support young talents up to the age of majority with the approval and agreement of their parents. The Foundation is contractually bound to the children up until they reach the age of majority. As soon as they reach the age of majority, the Foundation may make a commitment to help guide the careers of the children, if possible in their preferred domain. 
Through partnership and collaboration between the Foundation and various federations and associations, educational establishments, both public and private, and various organisations, the Foundation children are assured of a solid future in pursuit of their passion. 
The aim of the Little Dreams Foundation is to realise the dreams of children in the fields of sport and art. 
In order to achieve this aim, the Little Dreams Foundation has set itself the task of:

  • Finding the financial resources needed to achieve the objectives of the Foundation
  • To manage the assets of the Foundation
  • To grant the children of the Foundation the necessary funds to realise their dreams
        (training, equipment, etc.).
  • To create partnerships with federations, associations, academies, schools, universities, 
        training centres and private training and courses.
  • To find partners and sponsors for the Foundation
  • To maintain privileged relations with the sponsors of the Foundation.
  • To find members to support the Foundation.
  • To protect the rights of the children of the Foundation.
  • To find the necessary resources to maintain the rights of the children.


Little Dreams Foundation Circa 2005

Welcome to the Dance world
If you choose to live through dance, you will learn how to control your body and your mind; your curiosity will take you into the worlds of music, painting and literature and you will be ready to conquer the world. Roland Petit

Dance World

Pop & Rock World

Welcome to the Pop & Rock world!
Remember, music is a passion, a vocation, a form of income if you are lucky! And also a hobby. Find your 'calling': pop, jazz, classical, opera, the choice is huge. Enjoy making that choice. Phil Collins

Violin World


Welcome to the Violin world
Welcome to the world of the violin, reputedly the most difficult of the stringed instruments, and still considered to be the 'king of instruments'.


Welcome to the Cinema World
Welcome to the world of the 7th art, the world of cinema. Get into the world of cinematographic magic with the famous actor Christophe Lambert


Cinema World


Welcome to the Comedy World
Welcome to the world of laughing, the world of comedy with our godmother, Muriel Robin

Comedy World




Welcome to the world of snowboard,
a sport of many faces.

Climbing World

Climbing World


Welcome to the Climbing world, a world of climbing, altitude, 
rock, snow, and ice...

Ascent World


Welcome to the Ascent world,
a world of height and mountains, and discover our godfather, Jean Troillet, while reading about his numerous exploits.


Welcome to the Skiing world, the world of a 4500-year-old 
sport. Slide with us into this arena of competition, or leisure, if you 

Skiing World


Drawing World

Drawing World


Welcome to the Drawing world
Welcome to the world of drawing, of colors, of figures, of lines... Glance through these few pages with our Swiss cartoonist 'Aloys'.

Cartoon World


Welcome to the Cartoon world
Welcome to the world of cartoon, of science-fiction, of humour, of reading, of entertainment for adults and children.


Welcome to the equitation world.

Our godmothers and godfathers

Malin Baryard

Steve Guerdat

Rodrigo Pessoa


Our kids of the equitation world

Oriane Kleiner
Jessy Puttalaz


Would you like to join the Foundation?Are you between 4 and 16 ?

Do you want to realize your dream? 


In order to be selected, children must send a complete file documenting and detailing their activities in their chosen world (the file may include photos, audio and/or video recordings, competition results, performances, letters of recommendation, cover letter, photocopy of identity card, etc.).

The files are sent to the Technical Advisors who decide which ones combines criterions are required by the Foundation.

A meeting is organized between the selected candidates, the Godparents and the Technical Advisors.

The Foundation will make a final decision to determined which young talents will be helped.

Contract & feedback
The Little Dreams Foundation is bound contractually to the child for a period of one year, renewable each year depending on the child’s progress and motivation.

Through partnerships and collaborations between the Foundation and various federations, associations, and public educational establishments, both state-run and private, the children of the Foundation are provided with professional training and support to pursue their dreams.

How to become a “kid”?
In order to be able to examine carefully your candidacy, we would be grateful if you could send us the following information before the 31st of October of the current year.

  • Your complete references (address, phone, fax, e-mail, website, etc.)
  • Your biography
  • A copy of your passport or identity card (for minors, the one of the legal representative)
  • A few words explaining your own motivations and your ” DREAM “
  • Your news (results, shows, etc.)
  • A video tape or an audio tape
  • A few pictures of you
  • Your budget

Once we receive all the information requested and examine your full application, we will get back to you.

The Little Dreams Foundation provides financial support for the children they have selected.

Each child receives a personalised program catered to his or her age, place of residence, city of residence, country of residence, personality, and capabilities.

The program is designed with the help of our technical Advisors and other staff members of the Foundation. A regular assessment is made by the Foundation’s doctor, psychologist, and advisors to ensure that each child is maintaining a healthy physical and mental balance.

Example of a Sports grant (not exclusive):

  • Sporting materials
  • Training Courses
  • Annual Club fees & charges
  • Application charges for Tournaments
  • Summer Camps
  • Personal Trainers
  • Travelling charges

Example of an Arts grant (not exclusive):

  • Practice in a professional recording studio (once a week)
  • Training Courses
  • Travelling expenses (rehearsals, concerts, workshops, etc.)
  • Hotel expenses
  • Musical Instruments
  • Camps (Berklee College of Music in Boston)


Info from:

To date, the Little Dreams Foundation is please to have supported hundreds of children around the world.

Amongst the hundreds of children, here are just a few who have reached their dreams :

  • Nicolas Peifer (FRA - Wheelchair Tennis), Silver Medalist (Men's Doubles) at the 2012 London Olympics
  • Timea Bacsinsky (SUI - Tennis) N°1 in Switzerland, WTA 37 in 2010
  • Timothée Manand (BEL - Figure Skating) attended the Youth Olympic Games in 2012
  • Nathalie Brugger (SUI - Sailing) 6th place at the Beijing Olympics and 14th at the 2012 London Olympics
  • Alizée Cornet (FRA - Tennis) WTA 11in 2009
  • Anaïs Morand and Antoine Dorsaz (SUI - Couples Figure Skating) competed at the Vancouver Winter Olympics
  • Simona de Silvestro (SUI - Motorsports), the youngest female in Motorsports
  • Joe Frank (SUI - Guitarist) performs with Earth, Wind and Fire
  • Joni Fuller (UK - Singer) won the Junior Eurovision contest
  • Arnaud Tonus (SUI - Motocross) finished 7th at 2010 World Championship
  • Sacha Décosterd (SUI - Karaté Kyokushin) 2011 World Champion
  • Fatima Zohra El Allami (MAR - Tennis) Triple African Champion, Woman of the year in Morocco in 2009
  • Emi Vauthey (SUI - Circus) currently at the Eloize Circus in Montreal
  • Tessa Worley (FRA - Ski) became World Champion in giant slalom in february 2013
  • Lica de Guzman (SUI - Singer), was signed to Universal at age 14
  • Clyde Philippoz (SUI - Theatre), shooting a film «Sur la piste du Marsupilami», Directed by Alain Chabat

All these dreams could not have been achieved without your valuable support!


NOVEMBER 16, 2015

Phil Collins to headline and return as celebrity emcee and host of Little Dreams Foundation Benefit Gala: Dreaming on the Beach

MIAMI, FLA. (Winter 2015) – On Friday, March 11, 2016, Little Dreams Foundation will celebrate the Second Annual Little Dreams Foundation Benefit Gala: Dreaming on the Beach at The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater. Seven-time GRAMMY® Award-winning entertainer Phil Collins, who founded the foundation, will be returning as celebrity emcee and host of the gala, with additional presenters Orianne Collins-Mejjati, philanthropist and jewelry designer of Orianne Collins Jewelry, and David Frangioni, music technologist and founder/president of Audio One.

The star-studded gala is organized by Collins-Mejjati and Frangioni, together with executive producerACT Productions. Benefit Gala guests will include more than 2,200 notable moguls, philanthropists and socialites with a common goal to raise funds in support of the Little Dreams Foundation, which fulfills the dreams of young aspiring talent who don’t have the means to achieve their goals. “Our goal at Little Dreams Foundation is to advocate and provide children in music, art and sports personalized training and supervision to facilitate their passions and help fulfill their dreams,” says Collins-Mejjati. “The gala concert gives us the opportunity to celebrate and raise funds in support of the Little Dreams Foundation kids.”Collins adds, “Orianne and I founded the foundation in 2000 and are very excited to be presenting the second annual U.S. Benefit Gala, bringing together supporters and partners of the foundation, global music entertainers, and Little Dreamers, the young aspiring talent that makes up the Little Dreams At the VIP cocktail reception and silent auction, which begins at 5 p.m., guests will enjoy specialty cocktails while bidding on luxury items. Once the theater doors open for general admission at 7:30 p.m.for dinner, guests will enjoy a special performance by Little Dreamer artists, alongside music’s biggest stars and a world-class live band, and also bid at the dinner’s live auction on premier items. As part of a new collaboration this year, students from the IRIE Foundation will also showcase their musical talent.

British musician Phil Collins gestures as he talks to a reporter about his Little Dreams Foundation, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013, in Miami Beach, Fla.  (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

The evening will close with an intimate acoustic performance by Phil Collins, whose new album “Face Value” launched in November 2015, and other notable musical guests. Collins, in addition to being a singer/songwriter and frontman of Genesis, is a producer, collaborator, actor and Broadway composer.

His singles, solo and with Genesis, are global hits and some of the defining songs of the last 40 years –“In the Air Tonight,” “Sussudio” and “Take Me Home,” to name a few. In addition to the seven GRAMMY® Award records, Collins has sold multi-platinum albums and singles and has won an Oscar and two Golden Globes. In addition to the gala attendees, the concert will be open to general admission, as well. Last year’s inaugural gala featured performers Alejandro Guzman, Laura Pausini, Richard Marx“This year’s Benefit Gala will also see a host of world-renowned musical entertainers, who will perform their biggest hits,” says Frangioni. “We are confident that we will be able to exceed this year’s fundraising goal, bring greater awareness to the Little Dreamers, and we look forward to many rewarding years to come.”

Table tickets for the Benefit Gala can be purchased for $5,000 each. Tickets for the concert will be available in three tiers: $150, $275, $380. To reserve tables and tickets for the Little Dreams Foundation Benefit Gala or for sponsorships, please visit

The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater is located at 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Florida.